Mens Designer Watch

7 Jul

Mens Designer Watch

Men’s watches represent a way wherein men can express themselves through fashion. The explanation for this is the fact they’re visible the most of the time, which makes them prominent. In this respect they’re used as a symbol of representing the status of someone. Therefore men are now leaning far more towards designer watches despite the kind they’re after. An excellent example of this is Gucci timepieces. In 1921 Guccio Gucci opened a leather goods and luggage shop in Florence Italy. Ever since then Gucci have grown and produce clothes, jewellery and naturally watches. Their lines of timepieces are located in a wide selection of tastes to match every action and personality an illustration of one of their best-selling men’s watches is your Pantheon line.

Another is the G Chrono collection, those both are classic top of the technology. There are plenty of different top of the selection designer watches accessible, another instance is Movado, whose title means always in movement. This company started at a workshop at La Chaux-de faunds, Switzerland in 1881. It currently holds over 100 patents and is that the manufacturer of some of the very well known timepieces, including WWI Soldier’s Watch, 1950’s Kingmatic and that the Movado Museum Watch. ESQ is another well-known case of a men’s designer watch. This specific collection was created particularly for people who want a sporty and stylish watch that is able to keep up with their busy lifestyles. One case of that the watches that this manufacturer produces is ESQ Swiss, that is in fact a member of the Movado group.

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